One of the best water sterilizing system which could be used in daily all-purpose-water utilization. The Advanced Technology Korona assists you to disinfect and sterilize water and for all water necessities in day-to-day life. As we know, the water available today is almost polluted and the diseases caused by using such water increase day by day. This may lead to unhealthy & unfit generation. Health and fitness concerns do not end up by getting a solution for healthy. We use water 24/7 in other areas like cooking, washing clothes, cleaning vegetables/ utensils and in washroom. At present Scenario, we are bothered about drinking polluted water and finds out useful measures to solve this issue. But we are not concerned about the usage of polluted water throughout a day for other purposes, which could cause serious health issues in future.



Korona Sleek is designed specially for a complete family body and hair care solution. Main attention is considered for different types of skin toning and hair texture as per the ambient atmosphere, by inducting right dosage and timing of ozonation in water for germs and anxiety free body and hair care.

Korona draws molecules from the atmosphere. Which contains 78% nitrogen 21% oxygen, 1% other gases and gets ionized by passing through ionizer. Ionised molecules then start the sterilization process of ozone water. A steady stream of small molecule of O3 passed through the water and this process ozone takes away greasy dirt, bacteria and viruses from the skin.


KORONA Hybrid disinfection system is designed and developed to create a sensible and permanent solution to end up all health issues related to the usage of polluted water day by day. By using disinfected & Sterilized water by KORONA for all water necessities in a person's life, it would be the healthiest lifestyle ever!

Uniqueness of KORONA

  • 1. No Chemicals used
  • 2. Zero Pollution
  • 3. Low Operation Cost
  • 4. No Installation Cost
  • 5. Several times effective than conventional systems
  • 6. Eliminating bacteria (Including coliform), fungus and Chlorine.

Daily Usage Areas

Sterilize water for shower, @ 5 mins cut off for 5 to 10 ltr of water.

Disinfected water for washing and oral cleansing

Watering home plants for healthy leaves, flowers and fruits.




Warranty Covers

What Your Warranty Covers

KORONA-SLEEK warrants all new products manufactured by it to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal usage and service from the date of purchase as under:

The Warranty period commences from the date of purchase the end-user During this Warranty period of one year, Technosmart Infra Solutions will repair any part of KORONA-SLEEK, which is having defective in manufacturing time.

The product's steel body is not covered under Warranty and hence, it must be handled with care to guard against damage.

The original purchaser of the unit can avail services under Warranty at the point of sale, by producing the damaged unit along with the original invoice.

This Warranty is void if the unit is not operated under abnormal water conditions or is subjected to the temperature above 40°C.

Technosmart Infra Solutions shall not be liable for claims exceeding the cost of repair of the defects in workmanship.

This Warranty Agreement shall not be interpreted to render Technosmart Infra Solutions liable for injuries or damages of any kind - direct, consequential or contingent to persons or property.

Technosmart shall not be responsible by representative or buyer for failure to abide by any of the obligations of this Warranty Agreement if such failures are the result of circumstances of Force Majeures: such as, but not limited to, floods, earthquakes, transportation strikes, labour disputes with outside suppliers or any other conditions beyond the control of Technosmart.

Technosmart shall not be held liable for repair or alterations made without prior written approval: for products clogged by suspended matter, precipitates or biological growth; or for failures resulting from the lack of proper maintenance.

Technosmart cannot and shall not be held liable for any sickness or illness due to the consumption of water from any sterilizer supplied by Technosmart, since Technosmart does not have any control over the maintenance and usage of water sterilizer.

This Warranty Agreement excludes all products/ component parts or damage to any part of this sterilizer which, in the opinion of Technosmart, have been subjected to misuse; misapplication; negligence; alteration; accident or operation contrary to our instructions, incompatibility with accessories not installed by Technosmart, or that have been repaired with component parts other than those manufactured by or obtained from Technosmart. Damage caused by freezing, flood, fire is not covered by this Warranty. In all such cases regular charges will apply. This limited Warranty does not include service to diagnose a claimed malfunction in this unit.

Under no circumstances are the terms mentioned above negotiable and no employee of Technosmart has the authority to supersede them.

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